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Leathernknives Aroma is a child organization of Leather Aroma family. This is family-oriented business & was founded in 2019. It’s a story of founder who laid foundation of the business with the Special name. Our vision was to make quality leather as well as Damascus steel products to serve every customer who loves to keep both products. Our ancestors started this leather business 10 years ago with the finish processed leather hides.

In Leather Aroma, we have two special units, one is Leather stitching unit where our skilled workers make finished leather jackets, belts, Wallets & bags in buffalo, cow as well as Sheep leather. Second is Damascus steel Unit where we have wide variety of finished products which definitely meets your requirements. The combination of both Leather and Damascus Steel products is now Leathernknives Aroma. In our unit we have skilled and dedicated manpower for making quality leather and Damascus Steel products as per your demand. Currently we are supplying products at both local & international level to our valuable customers. We are also producing Handmade Leather Damascus Steel products like Wallets, Belts, Glass Covers, Bowie Knives, Skinner Knives, Chef Set, Folding Knives, Kukri Knives and Dagger Knives etc.

When we started to make end products, initially we thought that it’s quite difficult to manage but we kept on struggling and growing, because our vision was clear to serve our customer with best quality genuine leather products in reasonable prices. So, relying on our main strength & with our customer’s support, now Leathernknives Aroma is one of best brand to produce products. We are also having a good vale in E-commerce online world.

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Our vision is producing Handmade Customized Leather and Damascus Steel Products.

Damascus steel Handmade Products

We are pleased to share you about our tangled handmade knives which are unique choice of gift for you or your loved ones! Our knives are made with the best quality Damascus steel by skilled workers. They are produced after meticulous testing to sort of quality knives at very affordable prices. On our website you can find the best deals for right time with services such as engraving, sharpening, customization & gift wrapping. If you are interested in ordering any custom made product with Damascus steel, stainless steel, high speed steel, D2 steel please feel free to inquire. We can help you design and make your desired knife as you want. We will fulfill your requirements by customization your knives as you want. Try our products and become part of our Leather Aroma family.

Leather Products

Leather industry is one of the big industry in all over world. Most people love to have original premium quality leather products for personal usage.

Customization is our special field where your dreams come true as you desired on Leather product in affordable price. We are specialized in engraving your thoughts on Leather products. Test our products and become part of Leather Aroma family.

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