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Handmade Damascus Steel Rings Pair


This band features a rock hammer finish that gives it a really interesting texture. The brass inlay lies circle shape on the ring to provide a slight touch of the metal. These two Rings have different structure one is mounted on brass barrel and second one is pure Damascus steel ring. One is with Brass Inlay and second is Brass barrel mounted.

About Damascus Steel Rings

Damascus rings also have an interesting history behind them. The steel used to create these types of bands dates back to the same material used to create Viking and Samurai artillery. The name originates from the swordsmiths who invented the steel in Damascus, Syria.

Damascus Steel is made by forging two different kinds of stainless steel together by folding and twisting the metals.

Damascus bands or Rings are made from a combination of two different types of stainless steel that are folded and twisted together. This method creates their unique and signature wavy design.

“They’re created from durable steel and are a very interesting option if you’re looking for something different,” explains celebrity “They’re also one of a kind and made to last. Some say they’re like a fingerprint. No one ring will look the same.”

When shopping for a Damascus Ring, you should really pay attention to the pattern in order to find one that is as unique as possible. “That is what really sets these rings apart from any other, and makes them special to the person wearing them,”

Precautions about Damascus Steel

This Damascus ring is made of natural materials and is offered in a variety of colors and patterns. It’s important to note that although it’s coated in Renaissance wax for protection, the site still notes that you should keep it out of water.

Care of a Damascus Steel

Damascus steel has a high carbon content which gives it a long-lasting edge. However, the carbon makes it susceptible to rust when it is subjected to moisture. To avoid this wash your knives in warm water with any standard dish soap and fully dry with a fresh towel. Once dry take a cloth or paper towel and coat the knife with oil. We recommend Mineral Oil as it is cheap, food-safe, and does not spoil. Any cooking oil will do the job short term however it is not recommended for long storage times due to spoiling.

If your knife ends up with some rust on it, don’t worry! It’s an easy fix!

On a fresh blade rust can form within minutes, and it can be a scary sight but don’t lose hope yet! If rust appears, rub the blade down with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, wash with warm soapy water, hand dry and then oil the blade as normal. Over time your knife will develop a patina and will become more lenient to moisture. High Carbon Damascus does require a bit more care than your grandma’s bread knife, but the quality, performance, and user experience make it more than worth it!

Here are some quick tips for your reference.

  • Wash in warm soapy water and dry immediately.
  • Use mineral oil to coat the blade before storing.
  • If you get rust, vinegar will fix it.
  • Do not store knives in the leather roll for long periods of time; the leather can hold moisture against the blade. If you have to do it, apply a heavy coat of oil before storing.

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WEIGHT 0.100 kg
DIMENSIONS 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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