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Handmade Gift Damascus Steel Skinner Knife with Olive & Dark Wood Handle. LA-Tenace1522


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Blade Material: Damascus steel

This superb design knife is hand forged. Blade of this knife has a nice file work and is made of 512 layers of stainless steel and high carbon steel with hardness 53-58 HRC. This robust knife is tested under intense conditions, the balance and shape of this knife ensures perfect grip.

This handle is made with Damascus Steel Bolster as well as Olive & Dark Wood which makes it Unique

These knives are handmade and may have minor imperfections & blemishes which make them unique.

  • Overall Length : 9” inch
  • Handle Length: 4.5″ inch
  • Blade Length: 4.5″ inch
  • Layers: 512
  • Sheath: Leather
  • Hand Forged
  • Hardness: 53-58 HRC

Interesting Information About Damascus Steel:
Damascus Steel Is an Advanced Form of Shaping Steel, Derived from Centuries-Old Forging Technique Used to Create Blades That Became Almost Legendary in Their Reputation for Strength & Sharpness. Recognized By the Distinctive Pattern on The Surface of the Metal, The Stratified Layers of Steel Are Reminiscent of Flowing Water.

Purposeful Creation for a Range of Uses
You can find Damascus steel knives in just about every blade shape and form for different purposes. These can be employed in numerous applications, from hunting knives to folders or chef’s kitchen knives. Once lost to history, Damascus steel has now become fairly common in the modern pockets and kitchen knives arsenal. So, if you wonder how to pick up the right one for you? Check out the amazing selection at leathernknivesaroma and grab the perfect fit for your style and needs. Let’s appreciate an amazing piece from the best Damascus knives selection-the Hand Forged Damascus Steel Rose Wood Handle Pocket Knife with Genuine Cow Sheath.

Care of a Damascus Steel

Damascus steel has a high carbon content which gives it a long-lasting edge. However, the carbon makes it susceptible to rust when it is subjected to moisture. To avoid this, wash your knives in warm water with any standard dish soap and fully dry with a fresh towel. Once dry take a cloth or paper towel and coat the knife with oil. We recommend Mineral Oil as it is cheap, food-safe, and does not spoil. Any cooking oil will do the job short term however it is not recommended for long storage times due to spoiling.
If your knife ends up with some rust on it, don’t worry! It’s an easy fix!
On a fresh blade rust can form within minutes, and it can be a scary sight but don’t lose hope yet! If rust appears, rub the blade down with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, wash with warm soapy water, hand dry, then oil the blade as normal. Over time your knife will develop a patina and will become more lenient to moisture. High Carbon Damascus does require a bit more care than your grandmas bread knife, but the quality, performance, and user experience make it more than worth it!
Here’s some quick tips for your reference.
-Wash in warm soapy water and dry immediately.
-Use mineral oil to coat the blade before storing.
-If you get rust, vinegar will fix it.
-Do not store knives in the leather roll for long periods of time, the leather can hold moisture against the blade. If you have to do it, apply a heavy coat of oil before storing.


Note: Due to much higher-than-expected volume of orders this year, which has created a slight delay on a small portion of orders on certain production lines.
Mostly orders are dispatched within 5-7 business days and generally received within 10-14 business days. We primarily ship through USPS.
Once shipped a tracking number is provided allowing the customer to check the status of their order.
Business days are Monday-Friday; Holidays, Saturday and Sunday are not included in shipping days.

Leathernknivesaroma(LA) produces Blades intended for use in Sport and Recreation only. All responsibilities and liabilities are on the buyer.
By purchasing this item, the buyer represents that they understand their federal, state and local laws regarding the purchase, ownership, and use of this item. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to maintain that they are legal age and that it is legal to purchase and receive shipment of this item as per defined by the laws of their country, state and city.
Please keep Steel knife out of reach of children.

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Additional Information

WEIGHT 0.430 kg
DIMENSIONS 26 × 9 × 5 cm


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